Tangled in knots


Damn the circus master and his logical and reasonable ways. Kasey was angry, still. It was actually odd for the male to be so, he had thought that he was over the incident with Evren; he thought that he had moved on, like he usually did. Deep down somewhere in his mind and thoughts he knew he hadn’t gotten over it, and even deeper still he knew why.

His jaw ticced as Evren apologized again and looked up a the shapeshifter with hazel eyes full of sincerity and sorrow. He wanted to do a lot of things, he wanted to make Evren leave, but he also wanted the Immortal to stay. He wanted to scream at Evren again, for all the feelings that were dragged back up to the surface from being hit. He wanted to fight Evren, and rip his clothes off in the reckless way he usually did and hear the circus master let out the slight protesting sigh before they-

"Alright, I know now." He replied before bringing a hand up to rub at his forehead before mumbling something else under his breath, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Watching every movement and every way Kasey’s expression shifted and his jaw ticced like that. Evren wanted so desperately for things to go back to how they’d been, he wasn’t going to beg though, Kasey deserved far better. “Yeah… I guess you do.”

Practically mimicking the other man’s gesture, rubbing his forehead Evren gave a small shrug, looking almost defeated. “So I guess I should go. Since you know now.”
Digging a few notes out of his pocket Even dropped the money on the bar. “For the drink.” Standing, the older man paused, offering Kasey as warm a smile as he could muster right then. As hard as he was trying to keep up his front of being mature and just wanting Kasey to know how sorry he was, Evren knew if he stayed much longer he’d probably dissolve into some kind of a big mess and that would just be all the more painful. He ached for Kasey, and seeing him now, Evren wanted so badly to feel the way he felt when they’d been together again but he knew that would never happen. “If umm… if you’re ever back in Teatown you should stop by the circus, the animals miss you almost as I much as I do.”

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Kasey watched as Evren served himself, making no move to pull the bottle away. He saw the wince and a small part of him felt sorry; but only a small part.

He listened to what Evren had to say, remaining quiet until he was sure the other was done talking. Again he could be polite, when he tried. But as polite as he was being, his silence was also dangerous.

“Okay,” he replied after a pause and he rubbed at his jaw slightly as he regarded Evren sitting in front of him. “So y’ came all th’ way here to tell me you’re sorry. That’s it? Or did you have some other reason to be here?”

" ‘M I supposed t’ forgive you and everything goes back t’ the way it was. ‘S that how it works, Ev?" He tilted his head, the unnatural light tone he was using hardly masking the flare of anger he had. As much as he didn’t admit it and tried to bury things, the backhand had resurfaced memories the Blue-haired male didn’t want resurfaced. Memories of times he couldn’t protect himself and when hunting mutants was a big thing in the underground.

"No. I don’t expect you to forgive me at all." Downing what was left in his glass he filled it a second time, all the while shaking his head. "Or for things to magically go back to how they were. I just…" The man sighed, running his fingers lightly over the condensation on the outside of the glass. "I just needed you to know that I’m sorry."

Swirling the contents of his glass as he picked it up he tilted his own head as he looked up at Kasey from his position on the barstool. It was obvious from his expression just how much it was all weighing on him but he really didn’t expect any form of forgiveness from his former lover, he really just needed Kasey to understand how sorry he really was. “I flew halfway around the world because what happened… well it shouldn’t have, not ever. I don’t even know why I did it and you didn’t deserve it.”

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"Whiskey comin’ right up," Kasey spoke in English as he turned to get a glass and grab a bottle of Whiskey from the back shelf. He wouldn’t pour himself a glass despite Evren’s words, part of the reason being that he didn’t want to lose his job (as unlikely as that was) and part of it (the major part) was stubbornness.

He returned to Evren’s spot at the counter, setting the amber bottle of alcohol on the counter and put a few cubes of ice in the glass as Evren spoke about talking. He was being polite, Kasey was also being polite and professional. As much as he could be. But they could do that dance endlessly.

But he could only stay like that for so long and he sighed suddenly before setting the glass of ice on the counter top with a sharp tap before he looked at Evren over the rims of his shades, gold eyes a little exhausted and searching and a touch still agitated from the last time they interacted.

His jaw ticked slightly before he spoke.

"What’re y’doing here, Evren? What d’ya want?" Kasey could hide his accent if he tried but he didn’t see the point with the Circus Master.

"D’you have something y’want to add from ‘r last encounter? Cause I don’ much like bein’ hit." It was a low blow and meant to be biting. At the same time the cat eyed male hadn’t really wanted to say the words, not really. He had as much control of his mouth as he did his libido though, usually. It did get him in a lot of trouble.

But Evren was here, where Kay was to hide away from the other. Was the Circus Master really expecting a warm welcome?

The circus master didn’t respond immediately, instead he reached out for the bottle of whiskey that Kasey had set down and carefully poured some of the amber liquid into the glass. It was obvious from the way he winced that the reminder of what he’d done definitely wasn’t a welcome one but it was one he deserved and it was going to take way more than that to make him give up.

"While I realise it probably doesn’t mean much, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am." Taking a swig from the whiskey he looked down at the glass for a long beat before looking back up at Kasey. He’d been rehearsing what he wanted to say all the way there but now he was finally there, in front of Kasey he found the words difficult to find. "I really am sorry Kase. I can’t excuse what I did and I’d never try too but I am so incredibly sorry it ever happened.”

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Kasey was one of the best at disappearing. It was the only life he had known, the only one he could remember. Don’t get attached to people or places, stay on the fringes of society and life.

If he didn’t want to be found he wouldn’t be found, at least that was what his specialty used to be. (And with being a meta-human or mutant with visible signs of being abnormal, he had to be talented in disappearing.)

He found a job in Germany, it was the farthest place he could think of from Teatown in short notice. And he was going to work for an old friend of Arc’s, one who didn’t ask many questions. There was a living space above the small and simple bar in a small town that was a distance away from any real metropolis. Though it was hard to change his appearance, having blue hair, he cut it short in the back, leaving longer strands to frame his face.

For a while Kasey felt somewhat normal. He served the same customers almost every day. He wasn’t asked many questions, and the questions he was asked he answered airily or even vaguely and the answers were accepted.

He didn’t flirt as much, didn’t sleep around. Again he didn’t want to be found, and for once he didn’t feel at all interested. He didn’t sleep around, or cheat anyone at cards or pool. He didn’t pick pocket or get into back room fights. Sometimes he walked from one side of the small town to the other, other times he just stared out the window of his living room mindlessly.

That afternoon started like any other at the bar. It was quiet, a few old men and the serving girl who was more interested with her phone than anything else. Kay decided to busy himself dusting off the back shelf with a rag. He had already washed the glasses and checked the keg room. He was nearly finished when he heard a voice behind him asking of whiskey.

Kay’s German was alright, perhaps a little rusty with lack of use but he knew enough to get around. So his shoulders squared slightly and he sighed, turning as he spoke.

"Dietri, I have half a mind not to give you whiskey. Last time you had too much and nearly destroyed—" cat eyes hidden behind shades took in the form of Evren, shocked and the words died. Questions rose up, a mix of feelings and emotions all a hurricane in his mind. It could have been a doppelgänger, or a coincidence that someone looked like the Circus Master. Just as well as those emotions and half hopes though, Kasey knew better.

He tilted his head fractionally, his usually expressive face blank for a few moments until a polite smile curved at his lips forcefully.

"Have a preference? I have to say, our small bar has a limited selection."

Evren hated those shades, a persons eyes told you so much about their emotions but Kasey was always covering his up, making it impossible to read them. Of course Evren understood why but it was still frustrating and the rest of Kasey’s reaction and the way his expression went blank was just as telling. The older man couldn’t blame him for being shocked, he would be too if the guy he’d walked out on and as hiding from showed up like this.

"Whatever the best is that you have then, and a glass for yourself too, you look like you need it." Slipping back into English he did his best to keep his tone light and a smile on his lips but truth be told he felt utterly wretched and he knew it probably showed in his face. Glancing around the small bar then the circus master gave a soft, half forced chuckle, it definitely wasn’t the most bustling of establishments but it had a certain charm. "I was hoping that we could maybe talk too… if you have time."Waiting for Kasey’s response as well as the drink he definitely needed right then his hazel eyes shifted to take in the man he’d come all this way to find. As much as Evren had loved that long, dark hair, especially since it was great for grabbing hold of during more intense moments he had to admit he rather liked it the way it was now, not that he was going to tell Kasey that yet, one thing at a time. What Evren really couldn’t shake as he watched the other man, was the mental image he’d been trying to ignore since the fight had happened, one of Kasey, with those fierce eyes of his and a big purple bruise across his face where Evren had hit him. Bruises had always been a risk when it come to how rough the two had always gotten with each other in the name of fun and releasing some built up sexual tension but the thought of that one set his stomach twisting itself in knots all over again.

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geekisthecolour asked: ✺ (It would take a loooot but maybe Ev and Kasey? =X Oh GOD THE DRAMAS)


((Oh damn the dramas! Yes, all the dramas! Pss, you should write a response of Ev point if view! I miss Ev. ))

They were fighting, again. But it’s not one that ends in long nights of angry and passionate sex, Kasey prefers those fights. He would rather have those fights that turn into the sex he has with Evren, all rough with teeth and nails. The sex he can’t have with anyone else really because, well, not all of his lovers are meta-human or have super healing abilities. Kay has to keep his animalistic side under wraps usually, his temper too.

This fight, it wasn’t much different from any other fight they were havig as of late. It was the beginning if circus season, stress and tensions were high. What were they fighting about again? Maybe Evren hired another triple A grade d-bag as an ‘Beast Tamer’ who was torturing the animals again. Or maybe it was a trailer issue, or the fact the cat-eyed Cajun boy likes to sleep around and show his dates the ropes of the circus.

Or maybe Kasey was breaking another one of his personal ‘rules’ his first one being ‘don’t sleep with your boss or anyone you work with.’ The second one was ‘don’t fall in love with the people you sleep with.’

Maybe Evren was looking at someone else in the way Kasey looked at a possible new lover, or maybe Kasey saw the ring master’s hands linger a bit to long on the pretty new aerial contortionists hips during stretching and training hours. Kasey wasn’t the jealous type, the amount of people he slept with didn’t make it healthy.

Whatever the fight was about, half of it in Cajun French, Kasey didn’t remember after Evren backhanded him without warning.

Dark blue hair covered Kasey’s face which was angled to the side, shades skittering across the office floor and revealing black and gold cat’s eyes which were wide in shock.

His cheek stung and there was a stifling silence, Kasey’s ears ringing as he staggered slightly a few steps before he turned his head back to the Ring Master, tasting blood from where his teeth cut into his cheek.

Where he had been blazingly furious before, so hot with anger, he was now empty, cold and aching.
He could have been incredulous and ask Evren if the guy really actually just slapped him. He could have demanded, he could have screamed. He could have shifted into a panther and slapped him back, claws and all.

All he did was blink, and nod slightly as if admitting that he understood why Evren hit him, but his trademark smirk wasn’t there like it usually was. He didn’t say anything. He just backed off, nodding again and his stare was fixed on the other until he stumbled out of the office and turned to head back to his trailer.

He packed up the few things he arrived with. His duffel of clothes, Arc’s guitar case and his bike and he left everything else.

When Kasey didn’t hear Evren come after him he sped off into the night, ignoring the confused shouts of the other circus members, ignored the distressed roars and calls of the animals.

He didn’t look back as he drove off.

It had been weeks… months probably or that’s how long it felt like, Evren wasn’t even sure how long it had been since that last fight with Kasey, he’d stopped counting the days, just focusing on his work and getting through the next performance and to the next town. The ringmaster didn’t even remember what they’d actually been fighting about but he couldn’t forget, no matter how hard he tried, how he’d ended the fight and with it what ever kind of relationship it was they’d had.
He’d hit Kasey… he’d lashed out and just smacked him and afterwards he’d just stood there, fists clenched so tightly his nails dug into his palms and his whole body shaking with rage while Kasey took off to god knows where. He wasn’t even sure why he’d done it. Of all the times he and Kay had fought they’d never actually come to blows… ripping each others clothes off and throwing one another around the trailer before fucking one another’s brains out, sure, but nothing with real malice but he’d just snapped and in a lot of ways that in itself scared Evren himself. He’d never been a violent man, much preferring to talk things out but he’d just lost it, something he couldn’t even remember Kasey saying obviously pushing the wrong button hard enough to make him snap.

First Ramses had left and now Kasey, this was why Evren had tried for so long to avoid the entanglements and complications that came with getting too involved with the people around him, especially those he slept with. It always ended badly, and he always ended up alone. You would think for a man who’d been around as long as Evren Acar he’d know better by now but no, he still did it and he still ended up hurting himself and those around him in the process.

Still, despite his gnawing shame over what had happened, or perhaps because of it, Evren had put the feelers out, sure that someone in his expansive list of contacts would know something about where his animal tamer had holed himself up. And sure enough he’d finally begun to hear whispers back, talk of someone who fit Kasey’s description working in a bar in Germany of all places.

It was unusual for Evren to leave the circus for any length of time but finally knowing where Kay was he could make an exception, leaving it behind in the capable hands of his crew to hop on a plane. His anxieties about just how good his lead was where thankfully alleviated when finally entering the bar in question, having come straight off his 12 hour flight, he spotted a familiar, blue haired figure though it was quickly replaced by a twisting pang of guilt in the pit of his stomach. As much as he wanted to apologize and make things right with Kasey was he just making a big mistake by dragging it all back up?
Hesitating, still stood in the bar’s doorway the dark skinned circus master took what was supposed to be a slow calming breath before finally letting go of the door and striding towards the bar, sitting himself down on one of the bar-stools. When he spoke it was in near perfect German. “Any chance of a whiskey over here?”


Kissing Meme Yeaaah.
First request is Kasey and Evren. |D Kasey belongs to me and Evren belongs to Lu! <3

fff yay this is awesome Shin X3
I totally need to give Ev more attention, I really miss these two, and Ev and Ramses ofc XD He’s such a slut…


Kissing Meme Yeaaah.

First request is Kasey and Evren. |D Kasey belongs to me and Evren belongs to Lu! <3

fff yay this is awesome Shin X3

I totally need to give Ev more attention, I really miss these two, and Ev and Ramses ofc XD He’s such a slut…

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Anonymous asked: Evren, when does the circus perform and how much do tickets cost! I wanna go someday~

Shows are twice daily at 2 & 8pm and shows are free for members of TCU. Rates for regular adult tickets are $15, though we do offer concessions or students, OAPs etc and we offer a discount for family tickets.

shits & scribbles: Jealousy


My response to Lu’s ‘Jealousy’ drabble on Ramses and Evren. I couldn’t help it, I miss themmmmm. SOB.


Ramses didn’t like feel jealous, so he tried to turn it around on Evren. Boy after boy, random men from the audience, strangers from the towns they traveled through - but only the most…

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Anonymous asked: I was just wondering if there were still openings for The Circus? If there is, I would like to have a TCL character of mine to join..

Sorry if this question has been asked so many times ;;;

There are still plenty of spots left ^^ feel free to fill out an app and drop it in the Circus’ ask (acarscircusofwonders.tumblr.com/ask).

I’m not personally going to be very active in the rp for the next few days at least since I’m not going to be online much but if you want to plan anything to get them onto the team in canon, be it by rocking up and asking for a job or an encounter with the members then feel free to drop me a DM, ask or add me on msn (mr_taxidermy@hotmail.com) or skype (dieuxfaux) and we can work out the details :3 alternatively, since I have no idea how much I’m gonna be around atm I’m sure the other members will be more than happy to plot with you if you want ^^


putting clothes on was a lot of effort and they have sex all the time anyway, so i was like, why not?
scribble done since i miss drawing hot men amidst all this lady love.

You&#8217;re not doing so well at that whole &#8220;Let&#8217;s just have a professional relationship&#8221; thing Ramses ;3


putting clothes on was a lot of effort and they have sex all the time anyway, so i was like, why not?

scribble done since i miss drawing hot men amidst all this lady love.

You’re not doing so well at that whole “Let’s just have a professional relationship” thing Ramses ;3

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